Unique combination of ancient wisdom and modern nutrition

Traditional Mongolian and techniques using food as medicine.


Women entrepreneurs/childhood pals Khulan and Daria launched Amu nutrition officially in 2013 in Mongolia and started to grow the raw ingredients in Mongolia as well. Presently, we have transformed the lives of 20,000 customers through our “Food as Medicine” concept at our 4 nutrition centers by only food.

We decided to combine our diverse experiences with ancient Asian and modern nutrition. Now Mongolians have begun to relearn our ancient diets, and therefore our live., Mongolians believe us because of our results, the rest of the world needs this wisdom.

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Amu Nutrition

Amu represents resilience, in the Mongolian language it means “Grains”. Our herbs are made to help you thrive, no matter the circumstance. Rooted in Mongolian Medicine, each tea is expertly formulated and created to rebalance your body and realign your spirit.

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