We transformed over a thousand people’s health by Food as medicine concept.

Get your health back and transform your life using ancient traditional medicine and personalized modern nutrition

In modern nutrition

Functional food has a potentially positive effects on health beyond basic nutrition.

In ancient nutrition

Functional food has a specific healing essence that helps repair and rebuild the function of particular organs.

In the result

More energy, better digestion, healthy weight loss, clear skin, clear eyes, balanced mood. Detox & cleanse

Natural Products

All of our products are all-natural and typically organically-grown. The ancient soils of Mongolia remain untouched by pesticides
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Tailor-fit programs

We use the Gut, The 5 elements, and foods that balance and nurture the body and soul to create a personalized plan for you
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If you always thought your body was different, you’re right.

Everyone has a unique body type. Asian wisdom recognizes that we are all a combination of the 5 elements (water, wood, fire, earth, metal). Each of us has a unique combination of these different elements. Understanding your individual balance lets us know what food you should eat, what lifestyle you should follow, what organs in the body may be more sensitive or healthier, what season(s) may be more problematic for you ...
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Thousands of clients could tell you their transformation


Melanie Jane Nicolas


2 months ago i stopped working out so much & focused on using food as medicine With the help of my friends, Enkhtaivan khulan & Jessica AnYing Lee, i learned more about my body, how i had heat inflammation, & wich types of fodds are best for me at certain times of the day. I got rid of a lot of inflammation & toxins from my organs & from my life (if you know what i mean). I started meditating more ... focused on God's Word & how He designed me to be.

Arpil 20, 2022

Sherri Howe Mitchell


Khulan and Amu Nutriton are exceptional and have helped me tremendously. I have learned to be mindful while eating, now know about doshas and chakras, they have adjusted my menus/diet as needed and have been with me every step of the way during my journey to better nutrition. Using food as medicine and following the TCM way allows me to get better nutrition, stay hydrated and strive to have that balance in my life daily. Thank you Khulan and Amu Nutrition as I will be forever grateful.

Arpil 20, 2022

Veronica Montinola


AMU nutrition helped me with bronchitis. It lessened my symptoms and with time I achieved optimum health. Learning to eat foods that nourish my body based on the elemental relationship with my body was very exciting. I would do this any time over any pill or prescribed drug. I believe this is the future of medicine. Thanks Khulan & AMU nutrition!!

Arpil 20, 2022

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Get your health back and transform your life using ancient traditional medicine and
personalized modern nutrition.

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Amu Nutrition

Amu Nutrition was officially launched in 2013 in Mongolia by childhood pals and women entrepreneurs, Khulan and Daria. Both women are passionate about using “food as medicine” concept to transform people’s lifestyles.

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