How do I know exactly how I am out of balance?

This is where our experts come in. The body gives us clues about what’s going on inside it, but most of us don’t know how to read those clues. Your sleep, mood, skin, appetite and thirst, bowel movements, urine, skin tone, and tongue all provide insight into your imbalance. Only with this information can we craft a diet plan that is optimal for you.

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  • Do you suffer with digestive problems?
  • Chronic disease?
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  • Excess weight or too much appetite?
  • Poor sleep or insomnia?
  • Anxiety, depression, or anger issues?
  • Poor energy?
  • Difficulty concentrating?
  • Low libido or ED?

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More energy/ better digestion/ healthy weight loss/ clear skin/ clear eyes/ balanced mood.

How AMU works

Our mission is to educate people on the healing wonders brought by ancient teachings - Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese, and Traditional Mongolian and techniques using food as medicine.

At Amu Nutrition, we live by the basic foundation of ancient East Asian medicinal philosophy which focuses on the unique composition of each human body and system. We believe that every person is unique and therefore all our regimens are tailor-fit for every client

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How tailor-fit program works

Programs & Pricing
Phase One:


To sustain long-lasting vitality the best results are achieved by working with your body. The first week is all about balancing digestion and eliminating toxin from your diet and lifestyle, so your system can prepare for what’s to come.

Phase Two:


This is the intensive part of the program. You’ll be eating a specific diet, based around foods that balance all body types, and using functional oriental superfoods to detoxify your system.

Each delicious meal will include the six Ayurvedic tastes (sweet, sour, salty, bitter, pungent and astringent) as they help repair any internal imbalance and rejuvenate your system. This is where the magic happens.

Phase Three:


You’re combination of 5 elements – so being balanced becomes part of your new way of living. In this stage of the program you will feel the amazing effects of your hard work.

It’s also where we teach you how to implement these changes into your life permanently so you’re ready for those situations that inevitably arise when you’re living life.

Amu Nutrition

Amu represents resilience, in the Mongolian language it means “Grains”. Our herbs are made to help you thrive, no matter the circumstance. Rooted in Mongolian Medicine, each tea is expertly formulated and created to rebalance your body and realign your spirit.

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